The ApproachFrom the outset, the 93 Nevins team established a set of guiding principles:

  • Aim High: Strive to achieve a high level of performance. Be open to a broader concept of “performance.”
  • Unleash Creativity: Harness the power of dialogue and collaboration, to find innovative solutions throughout the design and material selection, and construction process.
  • Think Locally: All green design is local, and relates to the connections we have to the world around us. Consider light, air, views and overall experience, so that the result is one in harmony with its surroundings. Engage the expertise and resources from within our own community.
  • Be Respectful: Of each other, the neighborhood, the site, the “mission.”
  • Dig In: Be open to, and analyze all the possibilities. Pursue ideas down to their roots (sometimes more than once) to find the solutions that work best.
The Project

In 2004, before many of the current green guidelines had been formally established, local Brooklyn developers Rolf Grimsted and Emily Fisher set out with genuine intent.
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The Neighborhood

Boerum Hill is a vibrant, diverse neighborhood in the heart of brownstone Brooklyn.
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The Team

As a green building project, 93 Nevins typifies the integrated team approach.
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